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FirstLink’s world-class researchers and analysts help you make better decisions (avoiding costs and mitigating risks) by providing you with market intelligence and guidance on how to commercialize your program in the most effective way possible.

Our guidance and deliverables have earned the trust of some of the largest organizations in the U.S.

The ways we help

Market opportunity and potential
What is the market size, growth rate, drivers and trends?

Life cycle cost estimates
What will the full solution cost over 5-10 years?

Competitive landscape analysis
Who are the competitors and how does this invention compare?

Versatility assessment
In which industries or scenarios is this invention/product/idea useful?

Revenue projections
How much revenue and profit can be expected, and which assumptions drive these projections?

Intellectual property landscape
What prior art and relevant patents exist already?

Barriers to entry
What factors could prevent market entry? Can these hurdles be overcome and how?

Pricing analysis
What pricing strategy will allow for costs to be covered while remaining competitive?

Go-to-market options
Which commercialization pathway is best suited for this solution? And which offers the fastest ROI?

"FirstLink has been a wonderful partner. They are always supportive, helpful, and responsive."

– John Dement, ORTA/Technology Transfer Manager, Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), Crane Division