Life cycle cost estimates for a transit initiative as part of the Secure Transit Corridors (STC) APEX Program

The Secure Transit Corridors (STC) APEX Program came to FirstLink to examine government costs and benefits as well as costs and benefits to industry participants for its trucking program.

FirstLink developed a Life Cycle Cost Estimate to include costs over a given time period. The costs included procurement, maintenance, warranty, installation and training, replacement, among others. FirstLink also compared costs of different solutions in order to make a best-value decision or to budget program out years.


The estimate predicted the costs to the government to implement the program over a five-year period. It also found that implementation would become positive for industry after a significant number of trips per trucking company.

"FirstLink has been a wonderful partner. They are always supportive, helpful, and responsive."

– John Dement, ORTA/Technology Transfer Manager, Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), Crane Division